November 2, 2010


I was reading the latest Reader's Digest and they were talking about the simple, everyday things that can turn out to be awesome. Lol. Check it out:

Among my personal favourites are:

#995 Finding money you didn’t even know you lost (YESSSSSSSS!!!! Who doesn't love this????)

#986 When you pull to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn (Fine, technically for us it's a left turn. But still, it is kinda awesome. Lol.)

#936 Perfect parallel-parking on the first try (Omg. Yes!)

#919 Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row (Oh come on, who doesn't love this one?)

#917 The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage (Yes, yes, yes! This is the moment at the concert when the adrenaline starts to kick in. And your heart starts beating loudly. =D )

#913 Having a whole row by yourself on the plane (I can attest to this! I had the whole row to myself on my flight to and from Sydney last year! Awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!)

#881 When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly (What can I say? I'm a bit money-minded. Lol. Suddenly I want to play Monopoly again.)

#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

#769 When the thing you were going to buy is already on sale

#738 When you go out for lunch and come back to a way better parking spot

#699 A long hug when you really need it

#666 Giving people what they want

#656 When the plane suddenly speeds up on the runway

#574 Nudging the shower faucet a little bit hotter then a little bit hotter (I love hot showers. I can stay under the hot water until my skin turns red. No joke.)

#556 When you’re in the fastest moving lane in a traffic jam

#520 When a baby falls asleep on you (Very random, but I love this. When Zara was small she used to sleep on me all the time. And my baby cousin Aiman also sometimes sleeps on me, and it makes me relaxed. It kinda makes you feel like you're bonding with the baby, because they actually feel comfortable enough to sleep on you. =) )

#461 When you get in the car and notice someone filled up the tank

#448 The smell and feel of bedsheets that dried in the sun (I absolutely love this. It's either bedsheets that are dried in the sun, or those that has just came back from the dobi. Lovelovelove!!!)

#405 When someone pronounces your name right on the first try (Yeah. You can just imagine how difficult this is. One of my friends actually calls me "Alia Tongue-Twister". True story. Haih.)

And number 20:

#876 Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh, talking about that particular part of the body, I saw this article:

Staring at women's breasts can lengthen a man's life expectancy

So basically they're implying that in order to live longer, you'll have to unleash your inner perv.

Found out that the article is in fact a FAKE. Oh Thank God.

October 22, 2010

UK Trip - Day 8: Holy Island, Newcastle

Since I got the Monash internet connection, this is us at the Holy Island & Newcastle, in pictures and videos. 10 degrees in summer. Crazy UK weather. =/


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